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10 September 2023 - 14 September 2023
Β2Β@87th Thessaloniki International Fair

Bulgaria will be the honored country at the 87th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), which will take place September 9-17 in Thessaloniki.

The main exhibition sections at the 87th TIF are:

Greece and Entrepreneurship
Automotive Electromobility
Circular Economy
Culinary Nutrition
Public Organizations
Cosmos-International Participations
Digital Greece - Start Ups

Additionally, the event will feature a wide range of entertainment suitable for all ages, ensuring an enjoyable experience for attendees beyond business and trade matters. This nine-day celebration will serve as a platform to reflect the momentum and trends of both domestic and international entrepreneurship.

Beyond its economic and cultural significance, the Thessaloniki International Fair also serves as a crucial annual meeting point for Greece’s political leadership and its citizens. During the fair, the country’s leaders will have the opportunity to engage with the public, providing insights into the political and economic agenda for the upcoming year.

Once again the pulse of entrepreneurship and culture beats in September in Thessaloniki! Don't miss the 87th TIF-2023!

Ground plan: https://www.thessalonikifair.g... 

Closed since 15 September 2023
Location HELEXPO Exhibition grounds
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